We Pickup and We Deliver

Imagine for a moment, a service that would come to your home or business, unplug and pick up your heavy,novatech dusty computer back dusty computer, take it to a secret and magical place where computers are fixed quickly and efficiently, and is then returned to your house and reconnected so you didn't have to lift a finger.

Once it is back comfy cozy in your home, your tech will show you that your computer is in ship shape, you get to ask all the questions you want about your repairs and how to prevent problems in the future. All you have to do is sit back and relax. 

We know it's annoying to shut down your computer, crawl on the ground, unplug your computer, lift it up, put it in your car, lift it up again and bring it inside a shop. They fix it (maybe). After it is fixed, you have to drive back to the shop, pick it up again, load it back in your car, pick it up yet again, put it on the floor, crawl on the floor to plug everything back in. If it isn't fixed right, you have to repeat the process yet again. You deserve better than that.

At NovaTech, we understand the hassle of trying to connect and disconnect the cables and cords from the back of your computer amidst the cobwebs and dust of your desk.  (Don't worry, they're all dusty.) 

NovaTech always tries to make repairs onsite first but sometimes computers need more work than is possible to d
novatech happy smileo onsite or special tools so they have to be taken to our shop. You call us to set up a time, we come out, unplug and take away your machine for you.  When it is done, we return your computer to your home or business and reinstall it for you all at no additional charge.*  Free pick up and delivery is another great service provided by NovaTech for our customers.

*If you are 10 miles or closer to our home base in Penngrove, CA. If you don’t know if you are in our “free range” call for more details. There is a small additional charge outside of the free range.

Call today to set up your appointment.  (707) 795-9973


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