Your Computer at Home

Your calendar, your emails, keeping in touch with your family far away, storing your precious photos, entertainment; we know how important your computer is to you. 

When you bought your computer, no one told you what to buy and what not to buy.  After you bought the computer no one told you how to care for it or about the dangers in the cyber world.

When your computer is broken, it can feel like you are disconnected and missing out on what is important to you.  Sometimes your computer is just being a bit quirky but you don't know who to call. 

NovaTech wants to be there for our customers when their computer is working or broken.  We have experience with the problems home users encounter because we have been working with home users for years.  We also know that our customers just need someone to call when they have a quick question about their computer. 

We would love to answer your questions, help you buy a new computer, or fix your broken computer.  All of our technicians are trained to answer questions in a way you can understand, no matter your skill or comfort level with computers.

Monday the 22nd. Not just a tech, Your Tech.
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