Home Computers Need Special Care

Computers in homes are not only utility but the center of photo storage, communication with loved ones and the place to have some fun.  NovaTech knows that when your computer at home goes down, chaos can follow.  NovaTech can return sanity to your home by getting your computer back in shape and following your comands.

You choose between one of Your Tech coming out to your house and fixing your computer or one of Your Tech picking up your computer from your house and returning it and setting it back ManOnCellPhoneC1201 8up when it is done.

Not only do you get repairs done right but you get NovaTech Techs.  Our tech's are specially trained to explain your problems and repairs in a way you understand!

If you live within ten miles of our home base, the pickup and delivery are free.

Computer Maintenance:  Computer maintenance is just as important as car maintenance and a little goes a long way.

Computer Upgrades: 
When you want better performance from your computer but it is not necessary to buy a new one.  Wise upgrades can be an affordable way to extend the life of your technology.

Answered Questions:  We love to hear from our customers, even if it is just to answer their quick questions.  Our "Ask a Tech" program encourages people who have a quick question to call, email or instant message us and we'll answer it for free.  Don't stay frustrated because we are here for you.

Home Networking/Wireless Networking:  When you want your computers to talk to each other and to be able to use more than one printer. Wireless networking does all that with no wires running through your house.

Computer Purchasing Assistance:  When you want to buy all the computer you will need for a few years and nothing more!  A tech comes to your house, you explain what you currently do with your computer and what you want to do with it.  Knowing what you want and need the tech recommends the right computer for you.

WomanComputerPorchC1010 8Program Research:  Finding the right program for your project can be intimidating.  NovaTech's Program Research Services is for when you need a little guidance to find the right program.

A Little Help:  Our techs can answer your questions and teach you in language you can understand.  You can get training in basic computer use or on a number of specific programs.

Fix or Buy Consultations:  An honest assessment of your computer's current value and the cost of repairing it.  It answers the question, "Should I fix it or buy a new one?"

Classes:  From time to time we offer classes at local recreation centers, senior centers or for groups who ask us for them.  The topics range from buying a new computer to maintaining your computer. 



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