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What is open source?

 Video: What is Open Source

 Open Source Initiative


Open Source Software


List of Open Source Software

Libre Office (Like Microsoft Office)

Firefox Web Browser (Like Internet Explorer)

Gimp Picture Editor (Like Adobe Photoshop)

Inkscape (Like Adobe Illustrator)

List of Open Source Healthcare Software



Video: Open Source Learning

50 Open Source Education Apps

MIT Open Source Education

College Textbooks

List of Open Source Education Resources



Open Source Construction

Video: Open Source Construction

Open Source Cancer Research

Video: Open Source Economics


What are Creative Commons Licenses?

Creative Commons License


Creative Commons Pictures


Non-Profits We Love


COTS Website

COTS Facebook

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EFF Website

EFF Facebook

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California Youth Connection (CYC)

CYC Website

CYC Facebook

CYC Twitter


Youth Law Center YLC

YLC Website

YLC Facebook

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