NovaTech Knows Small Business IT

Are your computers costing you more than they are bringing in?  Feeling like you could do stuff faster by novatech guy angry with computerhand?

When you make NovaTech your tech company, you get a new member of your team.  You can ask of NovaTech exactly what a large company asks of their IT people.  You’ll never be stranded in the world of technology again.   

NovaTech can get your computers back on track.  We have experience with all kinds of small businesses and their special problems.  We know small businesses don't have the human resources or the financial resources that large businesses have when it comes to technology.  It is hard to keep up with new things that could benefit your business.  Let us help your business.

Maintenance and Prevention:  Computers need maintenance. Keeping up on your computer's maintenance can extend their life, increase your employees’ productivity, identify security issues and move your computers from hindrances to tools for success!

Technology Buying Services:  NovaTech can even be there when it is time to buy a new computer or you think it is time to toss out an old one.  We don't sell computers but we'll help you find the computer you need and nothing more.

Questions:  Need to ask a question?  Just having a computer tech to call when you have a quick question can be valuable for your businesses sanity.  Our Ask a Tech program is just what you need!

WomanInWarehouseC1201 8After Hours Services:  NovaTech offers services after hours and on weekends.  Many services and repairs can be done while your employees aren't there so they can be productive.

Productivity:  Offering your employees computers that run properly make your employees job's easier, makes them more productive, and keeps them happy.  It is worth the money to make sure your employees can work the way you expect them to work.

Training:  Sometimes new employees or even experienced employees need a little training on a new program, a new version of a program, new accessory or on how to use a computer.  NovaTech offers training in a wide range of programs, computers and accessories.  We'd love to teach your employees how to be more productive and knowledgeable.

Networking:  When you have more than one computer it is time to start thinking about networking.  If you want your computers to share one printer you have to network.  Don't worry, networking doesn't necessarily mean you have to have wires running all over your office and have to purchase expensive equipment and software.   A little help can get your office working better together and give your computers better security.

Of course, if your office is large and you need a server and a large network, NovaTech can help.

Backup:  Every company has information they need to keep safe, secure, and protected. Most companies don’t know that the information on their computers is the most valuable and expensive thing to replace in the event of a catastrophic failure or disaster.  The thought of losing it may never cross your mind, until a computer goes down and it has to be recreated.  Worse, all information can be lost if there is a fire or natural disaster.  NovaTech can show you how to protect your information and make sure it is safe.






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