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HIPAA regulations extend beyond paper charts; computers are subject to regulation as well.  DoctorInHospitalC1201 8Even though there are no specific standards in HIPAA for computers, all offices subject to HIPAA regulations are required to implement a responsible level of security that meets industry standards.  This includes secure passwords, proper training for employees, automatic timeouts, physical security of the computers, and encryption.

Doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners are often too busy to take care of keeping up on the newest threats to their computers or network.  Their employees should be specially trained and focused in their profession, not computer security.   Computer security is best left to technology professionals.

Usually, when a medical office chooses to secure their computers, it comes with added benefits: portability, easier charting, improved accountability, straightforward billing, modernization, trouble-free consultations, simple chart backups, improved patient care, increased practice value, improved account aging, easier communication, reduced office supplies, complete records backups, and increased employee activity.

NovaTech Techs have worked in hospitals and have served many different medical providers.  They can help any HIPAA subject office find secure solutions and get within industry standards.  They can train employees (and owners) to behave more securely with patient information.

Call NovaTech toStethoscopeComputerC0902 8day for your free security assessment and find out how you can take steps to protect your patients’ information from theft and your office from liability.  (707) 795-9973 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prolonged delay getting computer security in order can create a severe case of HIPAA-titis.  Don’t become a statistic – testing can diagnose it early.

HIPAA regulations do not have specific outlines for securing computers but it does outline expectations for protecting information.  NovaTech employs the gold standard of information security.

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