Not Just a Tech, Your Tech

Your Tech will: 

  • Do their darndest to fix things right the first time. WomanComputerC1002 8
  • Will listen when you talk.
  • Make sure you understand your repairs and your problems. 
  • Have diverse experience with different kinds of computers and people.
  • Try to identify or prevent future problems and teach you how to prevent them.
  • Be your resource for all things computers and technology.
  • Stay up to date on technology, software, hardware, lawsuits through daily research.
  • Respect you, your home, or business. 
  • Maintain a relationship with you even after when your services are done.
  • Want to be YOUR tech!

If we don't hear all the problems we can't fix them all or we could misidentify a problem. How you explain things also tells us how and why you use your computer.  Once you have explained the problems; only then do they sit down and get started.

happy face laptop horizontal editedNovaTech's Techs will happily answer any questions while we are fixing your computer, and we will explain what we are doing in words you can understand.  Once those guy's technicians get started, they do not want to be bothered.  They don't answer questions, and don't explain what they are doing.  NovaTech is different.

Our technicians have experience ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small computer repair shops.  Small businesses, medium businesses, home offices and home users; we know what you need!  NovaTech has experience with all types of businesses.

In addition most of NovaTech's Techs are Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE). 

What does that mean?   It means that Microsoft has faith in our ability to build, administer and fix their products.  Want to know more about MCSE?

Monday the 22nd. Not just a tech, Your Tech.
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