Sleazeballs and Scoundrels
They Give All Techs a Bad Name

We know it is hard to trust another tech again.  It can be scary to trust someone after someone novatech  ManHelpSignInWindowC0606else has betrayed your trust. To most people what computer technicians do seems like computer voodoo.  They click around, move the mouse, open up the side and it either works again or ... 

For those reasons we encourage all of our customers to ask lots of questions, to challenge our techs, to be suspicious of us and other companies.  Call our references, ask leading questions, and check us out.  Call us a few times or email us to get some advice before you use us as Your Tech. The more you examine us, the more impressed by the quality of our technicians, the quality of our company, the quality of our services you will be.

NovaTech's Techs will stay to answer all your questions and make sure you understand your repairs. We ask you to give us a chance to give you new confidence in computer techs and computer repair companies.

You will leave your NovaTech experience with Your own tech.


Monday the 22nd. Not just a tech, Your Tech.
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